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Top 10 Movies based on great Love Stories

Top 10 Movies based on great Love Stories

It is very common to see movies being made based on great love stories, some true some fiction. We bring you a list of top 10 movies based on Romantic love stories:

Gone with the wind. The novel was authored by Margaret Mitchell. It is an American classic constructed at the back drop of American civil war. The movie was also very nicely made and equally good to watch.

Scarlet: Written by Alexandra Ripley. It was a good movie but but not as good as “Gone with the wind”.

Love story: Written by Erich Segal.  A great love story made into a hit movie. The message being “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.

The Blue Lagoon: Written by De Vere Stacpoole. This sensuous story of natural love was filmed in a very beautiful natural backdrop. Seduction intertwined with love.

Love in time of Cholera: Written by Gabriel Garcia. The movie was well made and asked the question – How long would you wait for love?

Jane Eyre: Written by Charlotte Bronte. Story of a young woman who becomes governess to the ward of Mr. Rochester, a brooding and enigmatic man. She does not yet know the consequences of loving such a person, ignorant of his past. A wonderfully made movie.

Wuthering Heights: Written by Emily Bronte. A          An emotional Drama Of Love which was beautifully made into a movie.

Pride and Prejudice: Written by Jane Austin. A classic novel  turned into a classic movie. It is a story of rancorous let down Love.

Anna Karenina: Written by Leo Tolstoy. The story set in In a world of authority and advantage, one woman dared to follow her heart. All time best movie.

What dreams may come: Written by Richard Matheson.  The novel tells an fascinating story highlighting after life there is more and the end is just the beginning. The movie is a must watch.

Above is list of Top 10 Movies based on great Love Stories which you must watch. Most of these movies are classics in their own right.

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Updated: September 21, 2016 — 10:20 pm

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