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What makes a Love story a good Love Story?

What makes a Love story a good Love Story?

writing a good love storyFirst of all, a love story is essentially about two persons. If it involves too many characters, it looses focus and intensity that is must for a good love story. But there is more to writing a good love story than merely narrating a tale about how two persons met or separated. Let us find out what are the essential ingredients for writing a good love story rather a great love story:

1. It must have two main characters? No No, a third person is most welcome to making a love story a good love story! who does not like a third person in love story. All the evil the third person brings to the love story adds to the interest, intrigue and deceit quotient of the love story.

2. The love story should be said in following order – Introduction – rise – fall – conclusion. If the conclusion asks the reader a question, it is best.

3. Make it a sad one. Who would have remembered Romeo and Juliet, if they had married and had lived happily ever after?  Pour tons of sadness, bring lots of deceit, weave intricate web of conspiracy, introduce buckets of pain.

4. This one is best – Write about real Love Stories. A fiction is good to read but people relate best to real life love stories. That is why true love stories or real love stories are reader’s favorite! It makes the reader feel like – Oh! isn’t it like what happened to me? The girl in the story is ME! The boy in the story is my boy friend!

5. Twist the tale! Something unexpected, unheard of! readers love it when the love story suddenly takes a twist. best potion to keep the reader’s interest alive.

Well, these are the basic ingredients that make a love story a good love story. Off course  nothing is more important than your personal touch which you can add to the story.

At, we try to bring to you best of the love stories.

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