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An Indian sad Love Story by unknown

An Indian sad Love Story by unknown

(This is a love story sent by a girl reader who does not want to reveal her name. It is understandable and we are posting her love story without asking for her name).)

Hi guys. Today I want to write about this guy who i fell in love with almost five years back.
Unlike other couples, we met very tragically- you could say it was all destiny. Back then in 2008, we use to have this option called “Mobile Dating” in our phones, which was a service offered by BSNL. You just have to create a profile on your mobile and then you would be given few names and you can select any and send them messages. The phone number didn’t get revealed, it was just the id which was shown and the message path was some weird “555000..” type of number.
Anyway, so once, I got a text a from an id named “eudi”.
Eudi- hi how are you
kweenangel(my id)- hi i m fine. where are u from?
Eudi- i am from dhubri and u?
(Dhubri is a place in Assam and gladly, I was from assam too. Just not the same town)
kweenangel- i m from guwahati

So, this way we started talking and exchanged our numbers. And everyday, he used to call me. We didn’t talk much but we used to call each and I got the signs that he likes me. So one night, we were just messaging each other discussing about  our likes and some other things when for something I told him, “I think you are going mad.” To which, he replied, “Yes I am going mad in your love.” I said, “What? How?” He said, “The way you talk! Uff, main tere pyaar mein deewana ho gaya hu.” I started laughing but I don’t know why, I couldn’t refuse him. The date was 16th august, 2008.

And this way we started dating. I used study in a boarding school where we were not allowed to keep phones with us and we could just call home on weekends for 15 minutes. So on 23rd august i was leaving early in the morning. And the amount I cried on 22nd august, I can’t tell. I sat in the washroom and cried for hours. I just didn’t want to leave him and go. He asked me to mail my photo to him. I thought he wouldn’t like the way I look and he will leave me for it so I searched for a very pretty girl’s image on Google and sent it to him. And after seeing the photo, he fell even deeper for me.. He mailed to some senti songs and then I put them into my i-pod and next day I left for school. We promised to write letters and e-mails to each other, which we did regularly. That was the first love letter I ever received in my life. All my friends read it even before i could to read it. i read it over and over again for more than 10-20 times and that night I slept with the letter. (haha. stupid, i know)

Then one day, he again asked for my pictures and since it was already 6 months to our relationship, I sent him my real photo. He didn’t react to it. He just told me “You look so different.” He didn’t say even a single thing. Then when I called him on the weekend, he found out I had lied to him but we didn’t discuss much on it as he looked for love, not looks. For me, it was the same. Then came april, 2009 when we met for the first time. I had gone on an excursion trip to Shillong and he came to meet me in shillong and stayed in the same hotel where we were staying. I was pretty scared of getting caught by my teacher so I didnt stay with him for a long time. At night before leaving for his room, i just softly called him and kissed his cheek. Our love was the purest form of love I’ve ever experienced.

Then soon in may, he told me that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship as he feels relationships don’t last. I didn’t want to force him so I let him go. But I always waited for him because I knew it was his first time as well as mine and the bonding between us was different. Then after almost half an year, around in September, he came back. He sent me a message on Orkut, asking me to call him. I called him on the weekend and he apologized for leaving me that way. And I remember, 12th November, 2009, was the day he first said those four magical words to me, “Will you marry me?” I can’t even describe my feelings. For a moment, I was just silent and then I said “Of course I will.”

And that way, we stayed together for four years. We faced a lot in our relationships. We fought almost daily. Broke up many times but patched up again. Sometimes I made mistakes, sometimes he did. He is the first guy who has ever cried for me. I think distance was the reason which held us so strong. Maybe. All I knew was for me, Lohit was life. Nothing else mattered. I didn’t need anybody but just him. But I did make mistakes during our temporary break-ups, I flirted with few guys and did things I shouldn’t have. Even he did go a little off-track but I guess, I was the bad one in the relationship.

Then finally, our fights increased to such an extent that we started abusing each other. He used to abuse me in the name of my parents and sometimes, I used to do the same. I just couldn’t tolerate somebody saying anything against my parents. Now matter how much I cried, it never affected him. Instead he used to stay, “Don’t start your drama again!” Only I knew how much it hurt. So after our fourth anniversary, I broke up. He did try to call me back and try to sort things but I just behaved in the same rude manner that he used to behave in and soon, he got over me. I asked him to return all my letters, gifts, etc. And he did. But once I got the letters, I re-read them and I realized I was truly in love with him. And since then I have not been able to get over him.. I know people say it’s easy and stuff but only i know what I have gone through. it’s been almost an year that we broke up but till now, i am madly in love with and guess i will never get over him. Just the way he did. We do talk at times but he has blocked all my numbers. Only few times when I speak to him, he just shoos me away or once in a blue moon talks properly. He tells me he still loves me but we can’t be together and I know now my life is wasted because without lohit, it’s not life.

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  1. it was heart touching

  2. Hi @aabha, Thanks for your words.

    @Vicky: Thanks dude. But I’ m a girl. 🙂

  3. u r good boy but it’s happend.

    i’m with u bro.

  4. Ohhoo it’s vr sad bt aap ne apni galti mani bhi hai…..god bless u take care…

  5. @Abhi S. : Look i really didn’t mind what you said because honestly I know it carries truth somewhere. And may be I deserve this, whatever is happening, because this is the only way to make me realize that I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life- not realizing the love I had, and went looking on for it somewhere else.
    Anyway, thanks (for that “God keep me away from girls like u”) 🙂

  6. Mind my words dear, you went flirting with guys to great extent during breakups, is something no guy who has been in true love with you can digest ever. Even if he loves u or has loved u from the core, he wont like to bear a girl who reminds him of persistent cheating and mental torture, which he has gone through cause of u. It’s happened to me and despite loving that girl a lot… all i wanna do now is to slap her if she meets by chance. You’ve lost ur trust girl. And dont spoil Love by saying u love him when u did flirt elsewhere too… Damn on u! God keep me away from girls like u… Sorry if hurts but its perfectly true… tc

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