UA-37077090-1 Heart touching True Hindi Love Story: I am still waiting (dharmaraj bhattarai)


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Heart touching True Hindi Love Story: I am still waiting (dharmaraj bhattarai)

Heart touching True Hindi Love Story: I am still waiting (dharmaraj bhattarai)


Life has three big reasons to live…. Past, present and future. Every person is born with a destiny; I too was born with a destiny. But the problem is I don’t know what my destiny is. May be my readers can help me out. So here it goes… December 2003, I am all set to join my school as my winter vacations were about to end. I was upset not because my vacations are over but because I was promoted to 1oth standard. Lots of pressure for the coming year and I was very nervous of being a pressure cooker.

Those days we used to follow some self-made rules. The rules are as follows. 1. Girl and boy – Tom and Jerry 2. Good in studies – Very good boy/girl. 3. Bad in studies- useless. 4. Teachers – Pretend to be good in front of teachers 5. Principal – Stay far away from the principal. 6. Other staff members – barking dogs seldom bite. 7. Etc etc… January 18 the school got open. It was a sucking new year but somehow I managed to replace the word “sucking” with “Happy”. We used to go by school bus to our school. Everybody was sharing New Year cards to each other.

I was so popular in my school that I didn’t receive a single card. Well there are some reasons behind that. Actually during my school days I used to fall in the third category of our rule book. Yes, I was very bad in studies , but I used to score very good in other sectors like bunking classes, Highest annual punishment achiever, fighting and infinity things similar to that. Well that’s enough about me. The first day of the school was pretty good. We all friends met after 2 month of vacation. We shared about what we have done in the vacations. My best friend was in love with a girl.

Well the word ‘love’ was the most irritating word for me those days. They used to have some unusual behavior with each other. They look at each other and smile without any reasons, stand in a corner for hours and just smile at each other with very few words. I mean they were not themselves when they were with each other. I was just screwed up with all this behaviors. When I ask my friend he used to say me that this is what called love. But for me it was bull shit. I mean people stare at each other for hours and don’t speak .I know love is immortal but I don’t think it’s abnormal. Anyways leave all this stupid people. Day 2… Got up early not normal case but because of my Mom. Had breakfast and got ready for school.

Winter was just about to end that’s the reason why it was raining that day. Well a heavy rain fall. I was waiting for my school bus to come with the umbrella of my sister. I was just feeling very uncomfortable as I was holding a ladies umbrella. The school bus stopped in front of me and the girls inside the bus was starring behind the window and smiling at me. I felt like I will murder each one of those girls. Girls were just like a headache for me. I hate each and every characteristic of girls. In short I just want to kill them. I used to dream those days that if by any chance God gave me three wishes to make I would have asked only one thing And that is “ GOD send dinosaurs but extinct this creature known as Girl”.

I used to hate this creature because 1. If a boy and girl fights then the boy will get the punishment at any cost whether the girl had committed any guilt. 2. Complain Box…. This creature just needs a chance to complain and they will do that immediately. 3. Whenever they need something to be done which they cant do, the only trick they apply is that they will talk to a boy with a smiling face as if she wants to get committed with the guy and will create such a situation that the guy will do anything for her. As soon as the work is done if the guy comes in front of that girl and wish her “hi’ the reply from her used to be “bye”. 4.

Now if I continue talking about this creature then it will not be finished if i write a whole book also, so better don’t talk about it. I was just thinking all this the whole way and after 1 hour I reached school. The girls were waiting for me to open my umbrella so that they could tease me. That’s why, because of those ‘beep beep’ (Slang) I didn’t open my umbrella and ran to my classroom. It was raining heavily that’s why I got wet little bit. The assembly got over and we get back to our class room. I used to sit on the second bench, I mean …………….from the back. The teacher came in and was about to take the attendance. Suddenly a voice came out “ Mam, may I come in?”.

I was talking with my friend about that umbrella and the voice came to my ears. I just stopped talking looked forward. I found that someone inside a rain coat just entered the class room. The face was not clearly visible because of that rain coat. As soon as the raincoat’s cap got loosed I saw that she had long and straight hairs. I mean she was a she, a girl, a new girl. The face was hidden with the hairs and I was just trying to look behind those hairs. Finally I saw her … Brown eyes, White face, sweet smile with a magnet which can attract any guy. Oh what was that… Am I speaking about a girl and why the hell did I get those goose bumps? I felt like that all my senses got deactivated and suddenly a smile came into my face. I was not in that class room but was somewhere else.

I was in a different world just a voice was interrupting, I mean someone was barking “seven”, “seven”,” roll no seven”. Oh that’s me ‘ Present Mam’. What has happened to me? Am I sick? NO Am I mad? No Am I drunk? No The whole day passed away and I didn’t get the answer to that question. That day I was just behaving In a strange way. During lunch break my friend asked me “what did u bring to eat?”And my answer was “You are too good my friend I just love you”. Well was that a normal answer? No right? That’s it, I know something was wrong with me but what was it? The day went in such a way. From the next day onwards I like to go school. Getting up early in the morning became a normal case for me. I started to look after myself, my clothes, my shoes etc so that I look good.

We had two rows in our classroom, one for boys and the other for girls. She used to sit in the corner of the third bench means near the boys row. The boy who was sitting in the corner of the third bench means nearby her was my closest enemy. My target was to sit in his place and for that I have to convince him to sit in my place. He was a sticker lover, so to convince him I steal some money from my Dad’s wallet and bought 25 stickers for him on his demand. But it doesn’t mean that I will forget about those 25 stickers, I will take that back when the time comes. Finally the day came when I will be sitting near by her. Well I was feeling very nervous that day. I have never felt that nervous during my exams also. I went to my sit and kept my bag, just thought that she would give a look at me but unfortunately it was negative. She didn’t even notice me. During class hours I never left any chance of starring at her.

We never had any eye to eye contact. Days are going on and I have not made any kind of improvement. But as we all know GOD is great, finally the day came. That day our teacher was making us write some notes. She was too writing. When she used to write she used to bend her head little bit and that’s why her hairs used to come forward and her face used to get covered and after that she used to put her hairs back once again which discloses her face. I feel like I can see her writing for my whole life without missing a single second. I used to wait for the whole day just for that single moment to come. She was just like angle to me.

Ok ok ok … sorry guys, I knew that’s too much… Anyways coming back to point, that day while she was writing, I mean every body in my class was writing except me, the cap of my pen fell down as I was playing with it. I was just about to bend down to pick it up that she bend down picked it up to me and gave a smile. Oh shit man… How could God be so unfair ? It was like Granite…. No no no… Atom bomb… no.. Nuclear Bomb brust inside my heart. I will not just describe that moment much otherwise i need to write another book for that. I will not be able to forget that smile ever in my life. That smile is enough for me to love her for the whole life. Love her? Wait.. wait.. wait.. Love? Where did this word come from? I mean am I in love? Well that’s the toughest question

I have ever asked myself but the answer to that question is very important to me. Days were passing away but I have not found the answer to my question. Summers fell and people got busy preparing for the exams which were knocking at the door and the greatest stupid I mean I was still busy searching answer to my question. The exams came and went away. I was not sad because my exams was not well but I was sad because after exams summer vacations started and I will not be able to see her writing for one month. Can you imagine 30 bloody days. Is that possible? No. So that’s why I need to find out where she stays and I cannot make that alone. I think I should let my friend know about it.

The very 1st day of my vacation I took my cycle and went to my friend’s house and told him everything. But that dog told me that if I commit that I am in love then he will help me. Ok… Fine.. I may love her I mean I love her. The deal was done and we started to plan together and finally we found that another person should be involved into our mission and that was my friend’s girlfriend. A girl is very important in such cases. During summer vacations students used to make a group for tuition classes means teachers used to teach student in their own home. My friends name was jagdeep and his girlfriend’s name was Harpreet.

Harpreet came to know that the new girl used to go for tuitions from one of her friend. So to find out where the new girl stay I have to follow her from her tution classes to her home. The teacher who takes tution classes stays near our school. As I told u I used to go to school by school bus means I don’t stay near my school. Now the point is that to meet her we need a vehicle. Jagdeep’s father and mother was service holders and his father owns a Motorcycle and also a car. By 10 am his parents used to go to office by car and return back by 6 pm every week days. The mission should be accomplished within these eight hours. The new girl come for the tution classes by 3pm. By motorcycle it will take 30 to 45 minutes to reach that place. But the main problem was something else. Jagdeep used to have a boy servant in his house to look after the house hold works.

The boy and Jagdeep was not at all good to each other. Means If we take the motorcycle then the boy will let his parents know about it and that will cause a problem because jagdeep was strictly not allowed to ride as he have not got license. Jagdeep has tried each and every possible steps to convince the boy but he disagree every time. The boy was four years elder to us. I didnt find out any other way out. I asked Jagdeep what was the reason that the boy hate him so much. He told me that once Jagdeep went to his room to call him but the boy was in his bathroom at that time. Jagdeep found a photo in his bed and that picture was of a girl who was completelty nude. Jagdeep took the photo and gave it to his father in an envelop to punish that boy and his father scolded him a lot and also punished him and that’s the reason he don’t like jagdeep.

After hearing that a big smile came into my face. Jagdeep asked me why was I laughing. I have got a plan. We went to a video store and bought a porn cd. I told the boy that if he will not complain then he will be able to see porn videos every day and Jagdeep will also never complain. The deal……………. Was done. Oh finally next day we were all set to move to see the new girl. Jagdeeps parents left out for office. We started our ride from 12 noon. I was so excited to see her. Seeing my excitement Jagdeep asked me that what I am going to say to her when I will see her and I replied him that I don’t want to talk to her I just want to see her. Jagdeep smiled and said that “ Now you came to know how people stand in a corner for hours just starring at each other without talking much?”. Well it was very shameful to me. Anyways we reached the place around I pm. The new girl will come for tuitions by 3pm. First we will meet Harpreet who is going to bunk her tuition classes and will come to date Jagdeep in a restaurant nearby. They will keep on their silent love in that restaurant and I will be waiting for the new girl to come for her tuitions.

By 2.30 I left from the restaurant with the motorcycle and was waiting near the teacher’s house for her to come. Around 2.50 pm I saw her. A man may be father, came to drop her. I knew that she saw me but she pretended as if she has not. She went inside but another thing that made me happy was that through the window of our teacher’s house I can see her. Opposite to our teachers house there was a small tea shop. I was starring at her from that tea shop. She might have seen me or may be not but the good news is that I can see her continuously and no one can stop me in doing that. After almost 1 hour her classes got over. She came out and saw me and smiled a little bit and I replied her with a smile back and waved her bye. I left fully satisfied from there. I was very happy that day. I went back to the restaurant. My great friend’s silent love finally came to an end and we went back to our home we reached home by 5.15pm and saw that The boy servant was still enjoying those videos.

Heart touching True Hindi Love Story: I am still waiting:

Anyways whatever may be, the mission was accomplished. I missed her whole vacation but to tell you guys the truth I loved missing her in a hope that I will see her very soon. Days passed away in such a way and finally vacations came to an end. Uniform pressed, Shoes polished, Hairs well Spiked, all set in a very good mood. Reached school and came to know that our mathematics result were about to disclose today by the second period. I felt like someone……………. Raped me.

During the vacations I completely forgot about the exams. After the assembly I entered my classroom and show her. She was looking very good that day. Actually she always looks good but that day she was something different, maybe because I have seen her after a long time. She saw me and smiled and wished me Hi!, I wished her back. At least I have made some improvement. But I was depressed because of something else. As I mentioned before people used to neglect those who are not good in studies and our teacher used to disclose the marks in front of everyone. I was just afraid that she will never smile at me anymore after knowing my marks. The first period was over, the mathematics teacher came and was about to dispatched the exam papers. She got the papers before and she scored 79 marks out of hundred and she seemed very disappointed. But I can see that she kept her paper inside the desk, didn’t checked it and was still waiting to know someone else’s marks.

Finally my turn came and me the little genius scored 37. Before I felt like I was raped but now I just felt like I have been gang raped. But I noticed one thing that after hearing my marks she started checking her paper that means she was waiting to know how much I have scored. I was very much depressed and ashamed. For the first time in my life I felt like crying because I have scored very bad… I mean before bad results were ok for me as I was used to it but this time it made me feel worse. I knew she will never smile at me anymore neither She will wish me Hi!. I just felt that it was the worst day of my life. The day came to an end and we went back to our home. My MOM looked at me and asked me what happened.

Now as I can’t tell her that I am feeling like I have been gang raped that’s why I just replied her that I was not feeling well. But the depression came to an end the very next day. What happened is that when I entered my classroom the next day I didn’t find any changes in her. She smiled at me as the same way before and wished me Good Morning. She was not like the other people, something different. That day I got my answer…. Yes I love her… I love her a lot.. And I will love her till the end of my life. Days are passing away and I was deeply in love with her. I used to play some pranks with her. I knowingly threw my pen down and she picks it up for me. I just like that and the thing I like the most is that she knew that I throw my pen knowingly so that she pick it up for me and give me a smile. It was my birthday and I brought her chocolates. I was afraid to give her the chocolate that’s why I told Jagdeep to give her the chocolate. Jagdeep went to give her the chocolates; I don’t know what happened to her that day but she scolded him a lot and didn’t accept my chocolates.

She didn’t know that it was my birthday that day. But whatever may be it is her behavior made me very much depressed. May be she avoided me because I was not good in studies. After that day she started avoiding me. Sometimes it hurts and sometime I get angry. The next thing that was coming forward is the Farewell. The farewell will be the last day when I will see her last. After that we will get 3 months of study leave and then the final exams. After the exams the next step will be that we will join different colleges. She too knew that it will be our last meeting but may be I didn’t have importance in her life that’s why she avoided me on the farewell day too. Classes got over, the farewell day also came to an end and everybody got busy preparing for the exams. 3 months left for the final exams and I was still stuck with her.

10 days passed and I have not started studying yet, 20 days passed and I used to play cricket in my colony but have not started studying yet and finally 1 month is about to end and I have not started yet. My parents used to scold me everyday. Finally they also came to know that I will fail that year. One day I thought that whatever may be she think about me but it is very necessary for me to prove myself that I deserve her. If I cant prove myself then I will never ever be happy in my life. Two month was left for the final exams, I got up early in the morning and went to my father and said that “I need a tutor for the next two months”. My father thought that atlas I could pass if I get a tutor for two month that’s why he agreed.

I took my cycle and went to a lady teacher. She teaches mathematics. I told her that I will come to her two times every day for two subjects. The subjects were Mathematics and Advance Mathematics. From that day onwards I started studying 19 hours a day. I just forgot everything; the only thing in my mind was study and sleep, sleep and study. The next two month went in such a way. The exams were also over. I just wanted to see her for the last time. Just wanted to know the reason why did she avoid me. I was just waiting for the day when the results will come out because may be she will come to school that day. My parents were service holder and many of their colleagues children have appeared for the 10th exam. My father was not allowing me to go to school to get my result. He knew that my results will not be good and they will feel shy if their colleague’s children will tell their parents about my results. My father doesn’t want anyone to know about my result. The day when my results are about to come out I was not allowed by my father to go to school. But it was very important for me to see her. I want to go at any cost. After lot of requests my mother allowed me to go to the school. I went to the school and was looking for her to come. I saw her coming in a pink dress. I came forward to talk to her. It was about 6 month I saw her last. She was with her uncle may be. As I was coming forward, she saw me but she put her eyes down. She just pretended that I was nothing for her. May be my heart broke that day. I just know that from that day onwards I have to close her chapter forever. Ok fine now its time for the results. I have another friend in my school whose name is Shekhar. Jagdeep used to be very good in studies but Shekhar was of my category. So we were together that day. The Board members came and put the list on the notice board. There were three lists; the first for the 1st division holder means those who got 60% above. The second list was for the second division holder (45% to 60%) and the third division holder (30% to 45%). And those who are not in the list means they are failed. I and Shekhar were very nervous. We first started checking our names in the 3rd division list but we didn’t find our name. The nervousness was growing more. As I got just 39 % in the last exam

I didn’t think that I will score above 50%. We both started checking in the second division list. Shekhar find his name in the second division list. He scored 61%. Well I checked three times in the list but I didn’t found my name. Its useless checking my name in the first division list as it is impossible. I just realized that my father was correct. I failed. That moment I myself felt like the useless person. Tears just drop down and I saw her in front of me. Looking at my face she came to know about my result. She turned around and went away. I just went back to my school bus and was sitting alone. I can see through the window that jagdeep was very happy as he has scored well. He saw me and came running towards me. I just wanted to be alone at that time.

I was already very much depressed and another headache was coming towards me. He entered inside the bus and said “Where is the party? I need it now”. With a very low voice I replied “ Party for what?” Kuldeep said “you have scored letter marks in 2 subjects.. Well Well well what the hell was that. If he was lying at that moment I would kill him. I ran to the school and saw that ……………………………………………………… I have done it. My name was on the first division list. I ran to the PCO and called my father in his office phone number. I told my father that I came to school to get my results. Without asking anything about my results he told me not to tell my results to any one of my friend. I replied him “I will not tell anyone but may be you would like to share it with your colleagues”. Saying that I kept the phone. Well…. Attitude you know…I was feeling very good at that moment. It was just like I earned the stars from the sky. I left home like a wet cat but I returned like a tiger. Obviously It was my time to answer each and every questions of my parents. But that day they didn’t ask me any question because I have not left any questions for them to ask. In our state there was a rule that the students who scored 1st division in the 10th standard was awarded with a computer. Every student who scored 1st division was invited to the award ceremony. Obviously I was too invited. I and Jagdeep went to the ceremony. As the new girl also got 1st division, she was also invited. This time she saw me first after that I saw her.

I don’t know what she thought looking at me but she was starring at me for a while but this time I avoided her and went to my sit. 80 marks above in a subject means “Letter” in one subject. I got “letter” in two subjects. The host was calling the names and was announcing the marks and was handing over the computers. Finally my turn came out and the host announces my name and also announced “letters” in Mathematics and Advance Mathematics. I stood up and looked at her for a while and she just smiled at me and I went to receive the computer. That was the last day.

I don’t know that I will ever see her or not but I was satisfied because I have proved myself that I was a not a useless. Many of my friends joined the college which was nearby but I needed a new start so I joined an another college 1 an half hours from my home. New people, New place and new friends. I started a new life. Every thing was left behind but the new girl was still somewhere inside me. Some feelings are very hard to express by writing. The story starts here. I was just enjoying my life away from home with my friend. Well I feel shy but during those days … I mean in my new college there was a girl, very beautiful, proposed me.

I didn’t feel the same which I felt for the new girl that’s why I replied negative. I and my new friends used to enjoy a lot. At night we run away from the hostel and used to steel street bulbs and the next day we sell it in the market. Their was 11 student staying in our hostel. Among them four of them was seniors to us, means they were in the 12th standard and we were in 11th standard. This four people used to treat us very badly. We need to obey their orders as they were seniors. But I don’t think that I was that kind of material. So I made a plan to teach them a lesson. The main switch of the hostel was in front of the hostel. If the main switch will be turned off then the whole hostel will be in dark. I brought a white saree( old woman cloth) from one of my friends house .

There is an exit towards the back side of the hostel. I was standing near the exit and just waiting for my friends signal. One of my friend was standing infront of the hostel near the main switch and another one was looking after each and every movement of the seniors. It was around 11.30 pm. The seniors just had their dinner and was sitting in the dinning room talking to each other. Here the plan begins. The one who was infront of the main switch turned it off and the hostel fall into the darkness, The seniors ordered our third friend to light a lamp. After that I got a signal from the third one. He also replied to the seniors that as its late night he is afraid to go to the kitchen to light the lamp. After that I covered my whole face and body like a ghost with the white saree, light a candle and hold it with my hands and slowly entered the hostel from the exit door.

My task is to cross the dinning room and come infront of the hostel where my friend is waiting near the main switch and I have to pretend as if I am a ghost. I slowly walked inside and reached the dinning table. In the darkness the seniors could see the light coming from the exit door. They were just thinking that from where that light was coming. As soon as I entered with that white saree like a ghost they all shouted in such a way that the whole town heard their voice. But I didn’t make any reaction to that. I was just walking slowly towards the main switch. As soon as I reached the main switch, I loosed the cloth(saree) and light off my candle. Now it was total dark inside the hostel. I quickly went to my room without anyone’s notice.

After that my friend turn on the main switch and fell down pretending to be senseless. As soon as the lights were on every one came outside of the hostel and saw my friend lying on the floor senseless. I came with some water and sprinkle it on his face and after some moment he woke up. The seniors asked him what has happened. He said that He was standing outside talking with his friend over cell phone after some time he show a ghost came out of the hostel and climbed a tree and got disappeared. That’s it, I think that’s enough and after that action the rest we could do is that just wait for the reaction. And the reaction was, two of the seniors fell sick and doctors asked them to be in bed rest for one month. And the other two left the hostel the next day.

Rumors spread that there is Ghost in the hostel. The hostel was about to get closed but we five friend as we know whats the truth is, declined to leave the hostel and stayed their. From that day onwards we got another identity in the college. Girls were impressed because we were brave to them. The rumors are still there in that place and our name is still written in that place. Anyways life was going very well those days. My birthday was about to come. I thought of celebrating my birthday but my heart didn’t allowed me as the last birthday was a disaster. I didn’t tell anyone of my friends about my birthday. I woke early that morning and thank God for creating a creature like me. I went to a nearby PCO and called my elder sister, she wished me Happy birthday.

I went back to the Ghost hostel as it is known and got ready to go to the college. Usual Day for me nothing was special infront but somewhere inside I don’t know why but I was happy. The second period was over and we were waiting for the teacher to come for the third period. The teacher came in and was just about to start the lesson that another staff member interrupted. He came and called my name. As soon as I heard my name I stood up. He told me that someone came to see me and was waiting for me in the principals office. Well obviously, How could parents forget their child’s birthday.

Either my father or my mother might have come to see me. I moved forward to the principal’s office with a thought that what have my parents bought for me as a gift. Just stepped inside and got freezed for a while. Goose bumps all over my body. Heartbeats like infinity beats per second……………… It was Her…. The new girl, waiting for me….. She saw me and a smile came to her face. For a while I just felt like I was in a dream but it was true. She was infront of me. I just got confused that how should I react. The principal was looking at us doubtfully and was also little angry. But at that moment, who the hell is the principal, if the president of india would have been there I would not have care. We were not talking to each other for a while. We both were smilling.

I saw her long time back. Every time I see her I see her more beautiful then before. Unable to bear that scene the principal asked me if I am not getting late for my class. Hearing that I just came out from my freezing point and replied “ yes Sir” . she took out a gift from her bag and gave it to me and wished me Happy Birthday and told me that she will wait for the Birthday chocolate and went away with a smile in her face. After she left the principal asked me if it was my birthday that day and I replied positively. He asked me to handover the gift she brought and told me to take it after my classes get over. I went back to my class and the whole day I didn’t spoke a single word. I just had a smiling face. My friends were asking me what has happened and I just smiled at them and replied nothing.

I was totally shocked. Lots of questions were their in my mind. Questions like, How did she come to know about my Birthday?, What was their in her gift? Etc etc. I was just waiting for my classes to get over. As soon as my classes got over I ran to the principals office and took my gift and ran towards the Ghost Hostel. I came to my room, Locked it and started opening the gift. It was a diary. When I opened the diary I came to know that the diary belongs to her. I started reading the diary and finished reading it within 1 hour. The things which she have written out there just blew my head off. Well there is a sudden change in the starting of the story. Going back to January 2003 . There comes a new girl in a small town to her uncles place which is 15 hours far from her home town. She joined a new school. Her new uniform was not ready that’s why she was unable to attend the first day of the school. The second day it was raining very heavily so her uncle went to the market to buy her a raincoat and that’s why she became late that day and missed the assembly. The other girls were murmuring on each others ears looking at her.

Heart touching True Hindi Love Story: I am still waiting:

Days were just passing by but yet she has not find any good friend. One day a girl who was sitting next to her told her that a boy used to watch her continuously. She don’t know who was that boy and she was not at all interested to know who was that boy. One day a boy came and sit nearby her. The girl next to her told that he was the same boy who used to watch her. That day onwards she found that the boy never missed a single chance to see her but he never speaks anything. She found that boy very funny because whenever the boy had an eye to eye contact with her his face became red and confused. After few days when the vacations started the only person she missed was that silent friend of her. Whenever she thinks about him a smile used to come to her face. One day to her surprise she saw that boy waiting near the teachers house where she had the tution classes. She was afraid that day because she thought if that boy did something like giving love letter or propose her then her uncle will come to know about it. But that day the boy was waiting for her till her classes came to end and after that when she came out he just smiled at her and went away without speaking anything. From that day onwards the girl started falling for him. Everyday during her tution classes she looked outside the window to see him but he didn’t come. She was waiting for the vacations to get over.

The first day after the vacations got over. She went to school early and after reaching school she directly went to the school church and prayed to God. She asked God “ God, If I am in love then let me know about it today”. After prayer she went back to her classroom. Her eyes were eagerly waiting to see that face. Finally that boy came in and saw her and gave her a smile. At that moment her heartbeats became faster for a moment and she smiled back and wished him hi!. That’s all she got her answer. She was in love. Nothing special happened but she got the answer inside her. Her first love was sitting next to her. The boy never spoke anything to her. The only things that he do is that he peep at her whenever he get chance to and smile at her whenever they had eye to eye contact. Rather then that he used to do another thing, he used throw his pen cap in the floor. She loved to pick it up for him. Both of them liked playing that game very much. One day a friend of that boy came to give her chocolates from him.

She got very afraid that day. She thought that if the boys friend knew about all this things and one day the whole class will come to know then somehow one day her uncle will know about her. She didn’t take the chocolates and got angry with the boy that why did he send the chocolates in his friends hand. From that day onward she started avoiding him. She started thinking that it was her mistake to love that boy. She was very angry with that boy. The exam got over and the results were out. The day when the results were out she saw the boy. The boy looked very sad, she thought that the boy has not done well in his results. That day she thought that may be because of her he have not done well in his exams. She realized that she need to talk with him as he was very sad. She searched all over the school but she didn’t find him. She left the school and was very sad that she may not see that boy anymore.

She was feeling very guilty those days. She wanted to talk with him for a last time. The day when the students were awarded with the computers, she was thinking that the boy might come to that place to see her and that was her last hope to see him. She was waiting for him for a long time but as the award ceremony started she saw him. She became very much happy that the boy came to meet her. But she got the real shock when the boys name was announced for the award. The boy took the award and went away and didn’t wait for her. She was very happy for him that day but she was upset because the boy didn’t wait for her. That day she came to know from one of her friend that most of the students will join the same college which was located nearby. She got another hope that the boy will join the same college where she will take the admission. The admissions were over and the college started.

One month passed away but she didn’t saw the boy. Days were passing by and her eyes were still waiting to see that boy. One day the girl met the friend of that boy who bought her chocolates. She went to him and asked him about the boy. He told her that he have joined another college which is 2hours far from their college. He also told that girl that the boy loved her a lot. The day he went to give her the chocolates was his birthday. Those were his birthday chocolates. Hearing that the girl burst into tears. His friend told her that the boy was very much hurt when she avoided him. That day she cried a lot because she misunderstood that boy. She wanted to talk to him and that’s why she decided to meet him on his next birthday and talk to him but she knew that she will not get enough time to talk to him that’s why she wrote everything in her diary and gave it to him. Well this was it.. Now commig back to me…. I was lying on my bed and read the diary.

A shock of 2000 voltage already made my spikes more erect. It was just unbelievable. That night I couldn’t sleep. I want to see her again, I need to talk to her I don’t know why but I need to talk to her. I decided to go and meet her. I told every thing to a friend of mine. He used to have a motorcycle of his own, this time without any restrictions. The next day we bunked our class and started our ride . We reached there after 1 hour as soon as we reach someone was running towards us. Oh I got it , He was a old friend of mine. He came and told me that its been a long time he saw me. I too have seen him after a long time. So after few mor discussion he told me that he forgot some of his assignment papers in his home and he need to bring it and for that he want the motorcycle for half an hour. Well a friend in need is a friend indeed.

I allowed him to take our motorcycle but asked him to go to a petrol pump and fill 1 litre petrol in the motorcycle which will cost around 50 rupees. He agreed and took the motorcycle. He was a old friend of mine but yet I charged him 50 rupees to help him. The reason was that he was the same guy who took 25 stickers from me to let me sit in his bench in our school days and for whom I stole money from my father’s wallet. After that I met jagdeep and asked about her. He told me that her classes are going on and it will end around 3 pm. Now the problem is that, by 4pm there stands a police checking in the highway. And me and my friend don’t have the license to ride on the highway. And we don’t have the amount to pay the penalty too. So we will not be able to wait that long. It was around 11 am and she was inside her class.

Took the risk and move forward towards her classroom. “ Sir may I come in?” the teacher replied “ Yes, Tell me” . “ Sir my sister is in this classroom. Our grandmother faced a heart attack and passed away. Please don’t let her know about it otherwise she will burst into tears. I came here to take her.I am very sorry to interrupt you but its very urgent” The teacher replied “ So sad to hear about it. What is the name of your sister?” I told her name and the teacher called her name. She stood up and was looking very nervous and came out with me. We came out and asked jagdeep to explain the whole matter. Till that day we never talked to each other. Whenever she comes infront of me I get very nervous. jagdeep knew about my situation so he told that he was feeling hungry and took us to a nearby restaurant.

Four of us went to that restaurant and was just about to make the order that jagdeep and my friend stood up and said that someone is waiting for jagdeep outside that’s why they need to go outside and left. No one was waiting for jagdeep, they just didn’t want to interfere between us. Now she was in front of me and I was in front of her. I don’t know what should I say to her and was looking here and there. I was feeling very nervous, I was shivering inside. Suddenly she spoke out “where are my chocolates?” . Ater hearing that I took out the chocolates from my pocket and gave it to her. She smiled at me and thanked me. It was a very rare and extremely unusual situation to me. She came to know about my situation . She put her hand on my hand looked at my eyes and said “ I missed you a lot”. She also told me that she was very happy to see me that day. Hearing that I looked at her eyes. I can see her love for me in her eyes. I hold her hand tight and said “ you are very beautiful”. Well these things are very hard to express by writing. Some feelings …………..can’t be expressed.

We had a little talk with each other and after 1 hour I left. The boy who took our motorcycle was standing in front of the college gate. We take the keys and thanked the boy for filling petrol in the motorcycle and went away. On my way I was just thinking of her. I was deeply in love with her. She used to have a cell phone but I didn’t. I had a local pco near our Ghost hostel from where I used to call her. We use to talk for about half hour every day. We came to know each other well. Three things most of girls usually have and those are….. Attitude, Attitude and Attitude …. But she was not proud of anything. Innocence, respect and love, this are the things that I loved in her most. We didn’t spend much time talking to each other but I loved to miss her and think of her. The festival days are coming near and we planned to meet each other that day. During festival day everybody used to come in new dresses to the fair that use to held by the evening. I was counting the days for the festival day to come. Finally the day came and I went to meet her. I and my friend were waiting for her to come in front of a choudhury shopping complex. It was very crowded that day. Everybody was wearing new dresses. People looked very happy and everybody was enjoying the fair. My eyes were searching her in that crowd and finally from the middle of that crowd I saw her coming towards me.

She was wearing a blue dress. Her face was still glowing without a single makeup. She was coming towards me and I was feeling like that day I am surely going to marry her. Well … unfortunately not possible at that moment. She stood in front of me and smiled at me. No doubt she was the angel of my dream. I was speechless for a while, just starring at her eyes for a while. …. Divine beauty…. Anyways coming back from the dreamland we made some formal discussion which I didn’t remember now, we went inside the fair and we were walking holding each others hand. Whenever she holds my hand and see in my eyes I feel like I can make every impossible, possible for her.

For a while I feel like I will become a good boy by then but … as we all know “ A dogs tail can never be straight” so it was a hard task. We were just roaming inside that fair that she saw a shop in front and show me a dress inside, which was visible behind the glass. For a while she got little excited. She liked the dress very much. Seeing her excitement I told her that I will buy her that dress because that dress was made only for her. Hearing that she looked at my eyes and said that one day when I will be earning that day she will accept whatever I will give her but at that time I was a student and she don’t want me to waste my parents money on her. I didn’t agree to that because she liked the dress very much but she made me promise that until and unless I didn’t earn of my own till then I will not buy anything for her. I have to make the promise but also I need to buy the dress for her.

Anyways the evening was about to end and she was about to leave. A depressive moment but with a hope that we will meet very soon I wished her bye. After she left, me and my friend came to that shop and asked the shopkeeper about the price of that dress. It costs 5000 rupees and for me it was a very huge amount. Those days my pocket money was 800 rupees per month. I asked the shopkeeper if he can keep that dress for me if I buy that dress after 1 week. He replied positively but he needs 500 rupees at that moment and the rest 4500 rupees I need to pay when I will come to take the dress. Me and my friend somehow managed the 500 rupees at that moment and paid it to the shopkeeper so that he will not sell that dress to anyone.

We left that day. On the way I was thinking that how could I manage that amount within one week. I don’t know how but I need to manage it at any cost. That whole night I was thinking that how could I manage the amount but as we all knew that if there is a will there is a way and when it comes to love, God is with u. I struggled for four days but finally I managed it. I was very happy that finally I was ready to buy that dress as she loved that dress very much. The next day I went to that shop with my friend and bought that dress.

I was very much excited that day because I knew that she will be very much happy to have that dress. After buying that dress I went to her college but as she was attending her classes and I cant wait that long so I handed over the dress to Jagdeep with a letter where I wrote “ This dress is made only for you so how could someone else buy it” and asked him to give her as soon as her classes get over. I returned back that day with a hope that next time when we will meet then I will ask her to wear that dress.

Later on by next morning I called her to ask her if she liked the dress or not. She picked up the phone and as soon as she heard my voice she said “you have hurt me a lot” and kept the phone. After that I was calling her many times but she didn’t answer any of my call. I got very much tensed once again. A week was about to pass but she didn’t make any reply to my calls. I didn’t understand what wrong I have done. Exams were near but I was unable to concentrate on my studies. The exams are so close that I can’t even bunk my classes and go to meet her. Those days I really feel that love really hurts a lot.

As I didn’t get any reply to my calls I thought o f concentrating on my studies as the exams were very near. I started attending to my classes and also started preparing for my exams. Just made my mind ignore what was going on on the other side. But on the other side the scene was little different. As I was very upset those days my friend told Jagdeep about me and hearing that Jagdeep went to her. He asked her that why she was not answering to my calls. She told him that I have made a promise to her that until and unless I will not earn of my own I will not buy anything with my parents money but I didn’t keep my promise.

She also said that she knew that I love her a lot but she never thought that I would ever make a false promise to her. Jagdeep was aware that how I have arranged the money but I told him not to say anything to her. But that idiot was a true friend of mine and told her everything because he can’t see me sad as we were childhood friends. Well guys I need to commit the truth now.

The truth is that the night when I returned from the fair, I was unable to sleep just thinking that how I could earn that dress for her of my own. But finally in the morning I figured the way out. Before during my school days I was not at all good in studies but yet I managed to score well. Somewhere it was only her because of whom I made it possible. If I see from a different way then it was just her who helped me to prove myself and my parents that I was not a useless person. A person without self confidence can do nothing. It’s the main wealth of a person and I gained my self confidence just because of her.

The computer which I was awarded was earned by my own. I went to a computer shop and sold the computer for 8000 rupees and bought her the dress. Hearing that she burst into tears and asked Jagdeep to take her to me at that moment. The whole way she her tears were falling and then when they reached Jagdeep asked to wait in a restaurant near the highway. Actually it was a couple’s restaurant. It used to have cabin for couples so that they can date peacefully.

Anyways she was waiting there for me and Jagdeep came over my college to pick me up. I just came out after my class and get surprised to see him. He told me the whole thing and I was very happy that see came to see me. I hurriedly went with him to the restaurant. I came inside the restaurant and saw her waiting for me. As soon as she saw me her eyes filled with tears but still she managed to give a smile. I felt like she was happier to see me then me. Se sat beside me and for a while she was just looking in my eyes. I asked her that why she not receving was my calls and also told her that I missed her very much. She came close to me put her hand on my face and said “ How could you be so stupid?” and kissed me on my forehead … “ How could I hurt you?” and kissed me on my eyes… “ How could I love you so much?” and kissed me…………… on my lips. She was kissing me and my eyes closes and I could feel her tears on my face. I wiped her face and said her that I love her and she said “Today I promise you that my love will be always with you till the end and after that” and hugged me tightly.

Heart touching True Hindi Love Story: I am still waiting:

I was always confused with the word ‘love’ but at that moment when she was hugging me I came to know what love actually was. Love is a feeling which you can’t express but it is something for which people can breathe, people can smile, People can live and people can die. We were deeply in love. I have never read any love stories neither I have seen any to its end. I don’t know what our end was but those days I felt that it doesn’t have any end.

People say that don’t love any one who don’t love you but love the one who loves you. But for me you can’t be happy if a person loves you a lot but you don’t love that person. It’s a feeling which you can’t create of your own. Now a days people choose their partners first with their qualities and then they decide to fall in love but it’s not real. That’s why relationships and breakups are very common nowadays. She asked me not to contact her during my exams. I told her that I will call her after my exams will get over.

Her exams will be over 3 days before my exams get over. So after that day I started preparing for my exams with full speed. The atmosphere changed everywhere. Every body was busy preparing for the exams. Some were studying hard and some was doing their level best in preparing cheating papers but as a whole everybody was working hard for the exams. I used to be a very expert cheater in the exam hall and nobody had ever caught me.

My preparation was not well but I stopped thinking of cheating. Some sudden changes came inside me. I felt like I have become a good boy. All my naughtiness came to an end. Before I tried to be a good boy whenever I get scolding from my parents or my teachers but I have never succeeded. So I thought that a dogs tail can’t be straight and that’s why I also can’t be a good boy but now I felt like I came to know the truth and the truth was that I have changed because I was not a dog. I am a human being. The exams finally ended and I was very happy to call her that day.

I knew that she has been waiting for my call. After the exams I went to the pco and called her but she didn’t answer to my call. Next day I again tried to call her but she didn’t answer to my call. I was worried once again. I asked Jagdeep to go to her uncles place and ask about her. She went and came to know that the new girl was sick during the exam days and that’s why she went to her parents as soon as the exams got over. I felt like I need to go to see her but I don’t even knew the address. I became totally helpless, the only thing I could do at that moment is to wait for her.

I was waiting and waiting but I didn’t hear anything from her. Two month passed away but I was still waiting. Then one day Harpreet told me that the new girl has sent me a letter to her address. Hearing that I became excited. I hurriedly went to her and brought that letter. Locked my room and started reading the letter. Well she send me a gift in that letter. It was the first and the last day I read that letter. I read the letter once but after that I could never read that letter. But today as I need to write what was written in that letter I will write it down in my own words but still I can’t read that letter.

So below I will express her words in my own words. Hey, It’s been a long time I saw you but still it seems like you are close to me always. I know I have hurt you but I will not feel sorry for that because I am ready to accept your punishment. Sweetheart I need to say you something very important today. I am very much lucky that I meet you. You were the only who made me know what love means, How it feels.

People struggled for whole life but they didn’t find their true love but I am very lucky in this matter. The days which we spend just smiling at each other were the most beautiful days of my life. Whenever I see you I feel as if God gifted me my eyes only to see you. People say that when people die they went to heaven or hell but each and every feeling of yours which made me smile was like a feeling in Heaven. I was afraid to show you my love.

I was wrong… when I see the dress today I feel like an angel. You made me feel very much special. I never got a chance to express my love because I was afraid but the truth is, each and every breathe of mine was only for you. After my exams got over I fell sick and I returned home to my parents. I went to see a local doctor and he said that I am suffering from malaria and prescribed me some medicine. I knew if you came to know about it you will get depressed and I can’t see you sad. I was just waiting to get well soon and come to you as soon as possible. But day by day I was getting weaker.

The doctor made some tests and found that I was also suffering from jaundice. I saw the truth in their face that’s why I wrote this letter to you. I could have called you, I really wanted to hear you but i will not be able accept my end If I hear your voice. But today if something happened to me there will be a smile till the end. In this life you loved me more then I deserve that’s why I don’t have any complain to God. Dear, wherever may be I go, my love will come to you one day but you have to make a last promise that till then you will not lose your hope. I made a promise to you that my love will be always there for you till the end and after, so my love will return back to you to keep my promise. You are a very brave boy.

I know you will keep my words. You know what? Whenever I miss you, I used to close my eyes and I see you because you were inside me. If I die then I will die with a smiling face because when I will close my eyes for the last time I will see you. I told my mother that If I die then I want to wear the dress you gave me and get buried. I wrote this letter and asked my mother to post it if I die. Today if you are reading this letter then It means that I am no more in this world. But it doesn’t mean that our love came to an end. My love will return back to you and till then you can’t be weak. I love you.

This was what she wrote in that letter. Words are changed but her feeling are constant. Life has three big reasons to live but this time its not past, present and future but its memories, sacrifice and last but not the least “ LOVE”.

Everything in this world is immortal but these three things are not. Today my friends are all in a different state with different profession. Everything has been changed… our lives, our thoughts and even us. But sometimes when we turn back a smile come out of our face because those days are still alive inside us. Problems are part of life and I too faced lots of problems after she left but yet I never allowed a single tear to come out from my eyes because her last words gave me strength to face the world with a smiling face. But one day all those tears will come out when I will see her love once again in front of me.

Well now to my readers I will like to say that if you can feel this story then this is a true story but if you cant feel it then you can take it just as a love story. (The name of the Characters in the story has been changed.) And coming next to every thing ……I am still waiting…….

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  1. really it was heart touching. And i never see an also hearing these type of any story or say any incident in my life and also in my friend life . really it’s amazing.

  2. I want to say u are really a brave person. I cried just reading and just thought that what it had felt to you as it happened to you really. Keep smiling bro and one day surely u will surely find your love in some other…

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    u r really a brave guy.. i salute u..

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