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Funny Story – The man who ended up in Hell !

Funny Story – The man who ended up in Hell !

Funny Story - The man who ended up in HellOnce a man dies and goes to Hell. He had, actually not expeceted that he will end up in Hell. So he starts shouting and screaming and cursing really hard. Hearing all this noise some the demons come running and ask him – pal, why are you so angry? what happened?

The man said, can’t you see? I have died. I had expected to go to Heaven and here I am – stranded in Hell ! What do you think? Should I enjoy or what?

One of the demons said – Oh, don’t worry man! Hell is not such a bad place to live after all. Ok, Do you drink? to which the man replied, Yes, I do. Why not! Then the demon said, then you will enjoy the Mondays here. We drink and drink and drink till we are unable to get up and finally collapse on floor drinking. No limits ! The man thought, thats cool.

Next demon said – do you smoke? the man said – oh yes i do. Then the demon said you will enjoy Tuesdays because on tuesday we have unlimited supply of best Brazilean cigars and we smoke till the roof is dark with smoke.

Third demon asked – Do you gamble? The man replied – Oh yes I do. Then the third demon said – you will then enjoy the wednesdays as we play and play and bet all we have. No limits ! The man said – Ya, that sound really cool!

Fourth Demon asked – do you like drugs, the man said Oh yes, I do. The fourth demon said – you will then really enjoy thursdays for you can have use as much drugs as like. There is unlimited supply straight from Mexico. The man was starting to liven up by now at the prospect of so much enjoyment.

Just then the Fifth Demon asked – are you gay! Hell, no, the man replied.

Oh…. You are certainly going to HATE FRIDAYS then…. 🙂

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