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Heart Touching Love Story in Hindi – She Accepted my proposal

Heart Touching Love Story in Hindi – She Accepted my proposal

She was not the most beautiful girl on the campus, but she was the most attractive girl for me. She had that smile which made your heart melt in to jelly. I used to watch her face just to see that smile. I could do that for hours. Her smile was the most precious thing. We were just friends kind of at that time. We were not in the same class. But we had some mutual friends and used to bump into each other at this occasion or that.

Then one day things changed. We were there at the birthday party of one of our common friends. There She danced. And I simply watched her dance. She dance with such grace and ease, I sat there transfixed – my eyes refused to turn away from her. That day I my admiration for her chaged to LOVE. Yes, I started loving her. She kept on dancing with many friends. I was not one of those as I was not a good dancer so I kept sitting. But towards the end of the party, I was surprised when she invited me to dance with her. I had refused so many offers to dance with other girls because of my shyness but how could I refuse her. I got up and started to dance. But being a clumsy dancer, I fell down, taking her also down with me. Everybody started laughing and making a joke of me. I was so embarrassed. I got up and helped her get up. Everybody thought i was a fool to accept the dance invitation by her. They were mocking me. I lowered my eyes and went to the corner seat and sat down silently head bowed down.

A few minutes later someone came to me and touched me on my head – C’mon, let us finish the dance. It was SHE asking me to come up again for a dance. Everybody started laughing again. I had developed cold feet. I simply said NO WAY, I don’t know how to dance! She said – Come, I will teach you. She took my hand and slowly made me learn the steps. For the next an hour or so, she just danced with me.

That day, by the time  the party was over, I had not become the pro dancer, but I had simply fallen in love with her madly. She seemed to care for me too.

Next day I went to her in college and said – Thanks! Thanks for making me feel special and making yesterday the best day of my life. She again flashed her magical smile and said, just thanks? I thought you’d ask for date! I couldn’t ask for more. That day we went for a movie in the evening and later on for a dinner.

By the end of next month, I had proposed her.

My wife, yes she is my wife today, accepted my proposal 🙂

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  1. Sandeep dost 6 saal ho gaya baf re dost agr bura na mano to ek bat kahu apko dar kis bat ka he ap ek bar jese vi ho propose kr do agr na mana to unhe apne dost bana lo or unko apna time do or ap har pal unke samne unko ye ehsas dilane ki kosish krte raho ki ap unko beimtaha pyar krte he.
    Or jab ap unka dost banoge tab to ap unke sath bate vi kr paoge Qki ladkiyan jald me propose akcept nhi krti unko dar hota hena apni life ka so ap unka dost banke unko apka pyar ke ehsash dilao so simple.
    Ye idea ekdam kam karega jab unko thoda thoda ehsas hoga ki ap unko chahate ho tab unka feel kesa hoga ap unpe dhyan dena or ek achi or nice mausam me unko extra style se propose kr dena.

  2. yaar .tumara badiya hai ek baar sath mein dance kiya aur propose acc ho gauya mujhe to 6 saal o gaye hai bhaiyo mein kya karoo

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